Cake recipe colorful Cenil Tease

enil cake
Cenil cake often can only be found at traditional   markets, as in the past, this is one of the typical wet cake originating from the region of West Java and East Java. If you are consuming hobby cakes sweet and chewy cenil it but could not get it on the market, you   can make your own, kok.
Wrap with grated coconut and sugar as well as colorful diverse, traditional cake is definitely frowned upon by your family. The following recipe how to make cake cenil you can practise at home:
350 grams of kanji, give water some 50 ml
170 ml of water
Food coloring according to taste
Seujung salt spoon
Pandan leaves to taste
½ coconut which is not too old, shredded lengthways
Granulated sugar to taste
Water to boil
How to make:
170 ml of boiled water and salt to a boil
Then mix a solution of kanji were incorporated into the water to a boil while stirring until thick. Turn off the heat and lift as well as stirring constantly until well blended.
Divide the dough into several containers of baking pan, give a different colour according to taste. Let stand until slightly hardened. Cut small.
Boil water in a container to another, give the pandan leaves. Bring To A Boil. Then put the dough in small colorful cenil cut into boiling water. Allow it to float, and then remove and drain.
Serve with grated coconut and sugar sprinkles on top. Cenil cake ready before eaten.

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